Brittany O’Neil

Brittany O’Neil – Brittany O’Neil & Angelique Threesome

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Brittany O'Neil, scorevideos scene from September 17th, 2014

Brittany O'Neil & Angelique Threesome

Classic big boobs! Charter readers of SCORE magazine will remember the pictorial of this video and may have seen the video as well. It was a seven-pager in the December 1995 edition called “Menage-A-Trois.” Gorgeous Dixie Bubbles, a feature dancer from Louisiana, was the covergirl.

Since back in 1995, newsstand magazines did not show penetration for distribution and retail sales reasons, Brittany and Angelique’s mouths and pussies were a fraction of an inch from Clive’s skin-flute. The video was normal, full-contact fucking and sucking.

University of Nebraska graduate Brittany O’Neil (billed as Busty Brittany when this was filmed in England, using that name when she makes a phone call in the opener of this scene) hooks up with the great Brazilian mega-busty beauty Angelique, then brand-new on the SCORE scene and a British stud who fucks them both, laying the pipe in their mouths and pussies and between their huge tits. There was the thinnest of introductory plots that didn’t slow down the proceedings so the action begins very quickly.

Two girls and one guys still remains the #1 greatest sex fantasy of all time for most guys. Of course, for SCORE readers, it’s two hot, pretty chicks with huge, huge hooters and one dude. “Two guys and one girl is too much of a sausage fest,” a reader had commented once in a letter to the SCORECard letter section.

Brittany is still modeling today and is as hot as ever. We’d love to have her back for more hot sex scenes. Angelique moved to Germany and has been retired from modeling, making one short comeback in 2002 at the SCORE studio in Miami. A SCORE website dedicated to her,, is a favorite for collectors of Angelique content.

Yes, precious mammaries of the Golden Age of the Classic SCORE Girls.

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Brittany O’Neil – Miss O’Neil Will Jerk You Dry Now

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Brittany O'Neil, scorevideos scene from June 18th, 2014

Miss O'Neil Will Jerk You Dry Now

If you know a sexy, busty receptionist who looks like Brittany O’Neil and does what Brittany does in this SCORE video, we want to know her name and info as soon as possible. (Contact us at

After playing with her pussy in P.O.V. close-up (God bless the photographer of this video), Brittany tit-fucks and jacks you off with two hands and lots of lube until you spurt like a pipeline geyser in a Texas oilfield. What a mess at the end. What a woman.

Who starts the balls rolling when it comes to sex for Brittany in her off-camera sex life?

“It can go either way,” said Brittany. “It’s a mutual thing. Or sometimes he’ll just be sitting there, and I’ll unzip his pants and take his cock out. But I usually like to crawl up on the guy’s lap and tease him and get him real hard and touch him through his pants, and then I’ll get down on my knees. He’s sitting on the couch because I want him to be relaxed, and then I’ll start giving him head.”

What about size? As a porn star, Brittany fucks a lot of porn studs with bigger than average dicks. Did that turn her into a size queen? “For all you guys out there, don’t ever worry about the size. It’s not the size. It’s how you do it. It really is. It’s all about your technique. It’s not necessarily the size.” The guy in this scene has a regular cock, not a porn cock.

There’s a misconception by the public that porn stars are naturally slutty, unpredictably wild women who flash their pussies and tits in public and get out of control. This is a false stereotype of porn girls. If you ever met Brittany, you’d find a woman who is proper, gracious and every inch–every big inch–a class act. You would not think she is a porn star–unless you found yourself in bed with her.

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Brittany O’Neil – Tit Attack

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Brittany O'Neil, scoreland scene from January 29th, 2014

Tit Attack

Brittany O’Neil is more than a nude model, porn star, and famous stripper. She’s also a part-time psychotherapist, providing therapy to unfortunate men with sexual issues. In this case taken right from Brittany’s Boob Therapy Files, she analyzes a married patient who can’t stopping dreaming about big-titted blondes. Like that’s a problem? Brittany must use every inch of her big boobs to rid this suffering man of whatever the heck is bothering him. She does so by draining every drop of ball-batter out of him. Chalk up another cure by this wonderful healer of sick minds, Brittany O’Neil, Sex Therapist, in this chapter of the SCORE Classic movie Tit Attack.

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Brittany O’Neil – Busty Brittany

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Brittany O'Neil, scorevideos scene from October 3rd, 2012

Busty Brittany

The great Brittany O’Neil wants to score big in the SCORE casino. You see, big breasted hotties love to gamble and walk around casinos in sexy little outfits. Unfortunately for busty Brittany, the deck is as stacked as she is. Once she runs out of cash, she has to offer another form of currency to the dealer. Her gorgeous, unstoppable body. The crooked dealer cleans her out so she has to pay off with her vise-tight pussy and skilled throat. She drops to her knees and swallows his shaft, making sexy throat noises that jack up the horny factor. He fucks her cleavage and then they fuck on the felt table in missionary, doggie and cowgirl. On the floor, Brittany takes his stick in a raunchy piledriver, the hottest fuck position in the sex-play book because it’s total male domination. You won’t be seeing this kind of action on any TV travel shows about Las Vegas. When this scene was filmed for the DVD SCORE Xtra 10, we asked the blonde bombshell what she wanted to try in life that she hadn’t done. “I want to do a threesome with two guys,” Brittany answered. She finally did and it’s also on in “Three’s Not A Crowd.” See it if you haven’t already. Brittany takes on two big dicks and drains them dry. The woman just gets better and better.

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Brittany O’Neil – Tit Attack: Brittany O’Neil

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Brittany O'Neil, scorevideos scene from August 8th, 2012

Tit Attack: Brittany O'Neil

Brittany O’Neil is a lot more than a famous stripper, a porn star and a nude model. She is also a part-time psychotherapist, providing therapy to psychos. In this case from Brittany’s Boob Therapy Files, she analyzes a married patient who can’t stop dreaming about busty blondes. That’s a problem? Brittany must use all of her training as well as her unstoppable body and huge tits to treat him. Hopefully this wonderful healer of sick minds can cure this warped bastard. “I’m used to being on camera, so I’m not shy with posing nude and having sex in front of the camera, but in everyday life, yeah, I’m shy,” Brittany told us. Surprised that she is shy, are you? “I keep to myself. I’m a paradox. I don’t want to be treated differently for what I do or what I look like. I just want to be treated with respect like everyone else. So if I was going to your house, and we were going to have fun, I would wear something sexy, but if we went out, I would change, and then when we came back home, I’d put my booty shorts and platforms back on for you and run around the house like that. Because I’m totally into that. I just think there’s a proper time and place for everything. And once I get some alone time with a date, I usually like to crawl up on his lap and tease him and get him real hard and touch him through his pants. Then I’ll get down on my knees and start giving him head. I love oral. That’s my favorite. I love intercourse, but if you want to get me in the mood for intercourse, oral is definitely the way to go. I like to look at my guy, but I might close my eyes once in awhile, too. On the other hand, some guys are really into it when their girl keeps her eyes open while she’s giving him head, so I’ll do that, too.” What a woman! What a great psychiatrist Brittany O’Neil is!

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Brittany O’Neil Sexy Video

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Brittany O'Neil scene from December 3rd, 2011


Brittany O’Neil Sexy Video

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Brittany O'Neil scene from September 9th, 2011


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