Chloe Rose – Too Hot For School

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scoreland scene from January 24th, 2015

Too Hot For School

Chole Rose, Voluptuously stacked girl-next-door. A hot Texas dish. She wanted to model and show her curvy and soft body. She tried dancing topless but that only lasted for two weeks.
Texas is a great state and we know it’s packed with lusciously built girls. But finding them is the challenge. Chloe found us in a different way and not through surfing the web or seeing our magazines on a newsstand rack.

Chloe didn’t say if she wears this ultimate coed outfit back home when she goes to class. If she does, no male students and faculty will be able to think straight. Not with this student body. “There is no hiding my breasts no matter how I am dressed,” says Chloe. Please don’t torture the locals, Chloe.

Sometimes too good to be true can be true. Chloe Rose is the proof.

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Chloe Rose – Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

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score2go scene from January 24th, 2015

Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

A Texas hottie through and through, young Chloe Rose walks through the ladies’ room door. Chloe is dressed casually in a striped tank top and denim shorts. She lugs a book bag. She looks like she just finished a class. Chloe barricades the door so no one else can enter. She needs privacy for what she’s about to do.

Chloe checks herself out in the mirror and pulls her tank over her head to reveal a pair of big, real boobs that take your breath away. They are 38E-cups, Chloe says, and they end in very wide, dark areolae. We examine Chloe as she examines her natural twins in the mirror and the rest of her strapping, healthy body.

Chloe pulls a red, zippered, strappy top, an unusual pair of string panties with a chain and a tight white skirt out of her book bag. She squeezes into these tight, man-freezing clothes and slips her cute feet into a pair of red FM platforms. Incredible. Cloe has gone from student to club hottie in a few minutes.

The stalls are empty. Chloe walks into one and gets hands-on with her beautiful, jiggly hooters to fap her shaved pussy. There’s no need for her to pull her panties to the side. They’re designed for either fapping or fucking. Just like ladies’ rooms.

Stay abreast of Chloe’s adventures at SCORELAND. The Voluptuous coed’s next step is her first XXX scene with a big-tit lovin’ stud!

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Lizzy Bell – Great Performer

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naughtymag scene from January 24th, 2015

Great Performer

Lizzy does a couple of things in this video that are real turn-ons. First, she’s making out with her guy. She’s really going at it. That means she’s enjoying herself. That makes for a good fuck film. Secondly, she cums really easily through oral. She gets off on her guy’s tongue, bucking her hips and gripping the sheets. That’s fucking hot. She also rides on top of the cock like it was a bronco, slamming her butt down onto that dick nice and hard. Finally, she jerks him onto her face and proceeds to clean his knob with her mouth, sucking every last drop of jizz out of his rod. She’s a 19-year-old who was born to perform.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Pretty In Pink

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linseysworld scene from January 24th, 2015

Pretty In Pink

SCORE: So if you’re hanging out at a bar and you’re horny as hell, there’s no way you’re gonna just go up to some guy and and ask him to have sex?
LINSEY: No, not at all. I’m very concious about people around me when I go out. In England there’s a lot of malicious people and they lie about me all the time. “Oh yeah, she’s a slut” and they accuse me of sleeping with this person and that person in a pub bathroom and it’s not true. It’s so unfair and it upsets me. For people to think that just because I’m in this industry, I’m a tramp. Sex isn’t that important to me to be going out and having it in pub toilets.

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Jennifer Jade – Naughty Tease

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Anilos scene from January 24th, 2015

Check out total milf Jennifer Jade, the UK mom who will do anything to satisfy the needs of her horny shaved pussy! She starts off her evening of self-pleasure wearing a sheer robe over a bra and panties, but soon her clothes are but a memory as her hands roam her huge enhanced tits and spread her pussy juices all over her bald twat.

Alix Lakehurst – “I’m too busty for my top!”

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scoreland2 scene from January 23rd, 2015

“My boobs started sprouting when I was in fourth grade,” said Alix Lakehurst, who’s back for her second fuck session at SCORELAND2. “They were uneven, which freaked me out. I thought everyone was staring at them because of their unusual sizes. I hid them for a while under my clothes, embarrassed of them. Eventually, I had to get a bra. I started with a B-cup, skipping the As. By high school I was a C-cup and senior year I wore D-cups.

“It wasn’t until my 20s that I hit E-cups. Bras with E-sized cups were nowhere to be found. Since there were no proper sizes for me I had to suffer with small bras that split my breasts in two, making me look as if I had four boobs. I was embarrassed having these freak-of-nature breasts.

“Before I modeled, I did everything from retail to corporate merchandising to being a secretary. I started writing sex stories and putting my naked picture on top of the story. Then I got more and more naked. I started a blog and put naked pictures up and built up a following. After thinking long and hard, I started taking video jobs, and here I am. I love it all. I really enjoy what I do, I am a true exhibitionist.”

Alix had gone beyond an E-cup to a DDD (the equivalent of an F-cup) when she shot this scene in 2007. It was her second scene with a real cock, and readers loved her voluptuous body and her real-girl personality. Alix doesn’t put on airs. What you see is what you get. What you get is pretty good.

In this scene, Alix admires herself in the mirror. Her guy gives her huge jugs the attention they deserve. They’re creamed and massaged, which Alix enjoys because she’s extremely breast-oriented and breast-sensitive. After lavishing this care on her tits, he slips her is cock. And then it’s off to the races.

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Claudia KeAloha – Hawaii Sex-O

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score2go scene from January 23rd, 2015

Hawaii Sex-O

How Claudia KeAloha talks in her hardcore videos even makes SCORE editors get flustered. Claudia’s been talking nice and dirty and using the C-word since she fucked Jean Val Jean in a point-of-view schoolteacher scene in one of her first SCORE videos. Her pouty potty mouth adds so much heat to the action.

“Stick your hard cock in my mouth,” says lip-licking Claudia opening this scene. She gives hot eye-sex too. Always did. Red fishnet is her look here. “I’ll make you so hard and then I’ll squeeze your cock in my cunt.” Claudia is from the school of take-no-prisoners porn-sex. Nasty, aggressive and hot with lots of saliva and dirty talking.

Claudia rubs her pussy through her red panties. “My cunt’s wet just thinking about you,” the slim, busty brunette dancer moans. Tony D. comes to Claudia’s assistance and caresses her big tits. She wants them played with and licked and fucked. Fucked hard. She holds his cock inside her deep cleavage, creating a breast-vise. Tony sticks his fingers in Claudia’s mouth. She sucks on them and says, “I want your dick in my mouth.”

Claudia sticks her long, long tongue out for Tony’s hard shaft. He holds the back of her head while she gags and spits on his thickness. Tony lays Claudia on her back and straddles her chest to fuck her big tits again fast and hard. The room fills with the sounds of cock smacking against tits.

Tony fingers Claudia, moving her panties to the side. His digit goes deep inside her, then he swaps his finger for a tongue and eats Claudia out. Her high-heeled legs stick straight up in the air as her pussy gets tongue-banged.

Claudia keeps her legs in the air. She is more than ready for the nasty. Tony locks-on to Claudia’s wet cunt and drives his meat missile straight into her hangar.

Claudia’s in for a smashing time. Always a pleasure.

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Kimmie Kaboom – Mistress Kimmie

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score2go scene from January 23rd, 2015

Mistress Kimmie

The staff of XL Girls wouldn’t want to meet Tony Rubino in a dark room. But Kimmie Kaboom…ah…Kimmie Kaboom. We’d like to bump into Kimmie in a dark room. We know she would not hit us with that riding crop. Kimmie might hip check us over the guard rail roller derby-style but never whip us.

Kimmie seizes Tony’s head and jams it between her prodigious, prestigious boobs. A good space to place and encase your face as a neck brace before you get to first base. Each breast appears bigger than his head!

Kimmie orders Tony to lay back on the bed. She climbs on top of him and buries his face. His muffled voice means he is still breathing. Kimmie sits up so Tony can get a handle on her big boobs. She bounces and jiggles and her tits shake and quake in a fantastic display of the physics of boob motion. Then it’s Tony’s chance to suck on ‘em.

Kimmie reverses her position and sticks her ass in his face. She wears no panties and her fishnet stockings have a strategic rip in them. Now he can suck and finger Kimmie’s pussy.

It’s tit for tat so Kimmie helps him drop his jeans so she can suck his dick. Kimmie’s major yabba-doos form a boob shelf on his thigh as she checks his dipstick with her lipstick and squeezes it between her breasts. Tony stands and Kimmie lays on her belly to suck his dick again. She even holds her head still so he can fuck her open, wet mouth.

Kimmie gets on her back so Tony can straddle her this time and fuck her lovely tits in the classic #1 boob-banging position.

If you haven’t lost it and kaboomed at this point, you can continue on to the fuckin’ hot fuckin’, Kimmie Kaboom-style!

Thank you, Kimmie Kaboom!

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Sandra Star – Miss Hot SCORE: Hot Ass Sex

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score2go scene from January 23rd, 2015

Miss Hot SCORE: Hot Ass Sex

Sandra Star was a stacked university student in Berlin, Germany with a wild side. That wild side got a chance to emerge when Sandra learned about a contest called Miss Hot SCORE Germany. This contest was sponsored by Hot SCORE magazine, the German language edition.

One of the judges of this contest was German porn superstar Annina, who’s been in SCORE magazine a dozen times.

“I first noticed her beautiful smile!” Annina said. “Sandra has charisma and a great, curvy body. She is the whole package. For me, Sandra is Miss Hot SCORE!”

Sandra knew all about SCORE and, surprisingly, she knew about the Boob Cruises even though the last one was in the spring of 2000.

When the American staff was visiting Berlin, they had to meet Sandra. She accepted our offer to model for the international edition of the magazine. Sandra also wanted to try her talents at fucking with the cameras rolling. Sandra does it all: blowjobs, tit-fucking, straight fucking, anal and a cum facial. Yes, this busty coed who was studying business likes being taken in her perfect ass and felt there was no time to waste. Today’s modern college students with big tits do not hold anything back, especially German students.

Sandra wore space-age, silver knee-high boots and purple monokini lingerie. Kneeling on the bed, she kisses, licks and sucks her fuck-partner’s weiner, sucking the balls with reverence and adoration. Still kneeling, Sandra holds her huge boobs together as the cock slides between them, fucking her cleavage and slipping into her mouth for her to suck on. She looks at the camera with an expression that says “Look at me, look at what I’m doing. I shouldn’t be doing this but I love it.” How her tiny little butthole could accommodate such a big dick is another example of fantastic German engineering.

Sandra Star, there could be no more fuckable and prettier Miss Hot SCORE than you.

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