Nikita – Big Beautiful Tits

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Anilos scene from October 24th, 2014

Dressed all in lacy white, 33 year old Nikita looks like a dream come true. This hot and horny mom is always happy to pleasure her needy body by slipping out of her clothes and giving her hanging big breasts a long luxurious massage before focusing her attention on her hairy cunt that can’t wait for an orgasmic good time.

Beverly Paige – “Cream My Pie” Requests Beverly

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Beverly Paige, scorevideos scene from October 24th, 2014

Let’s get right to the point with Beverly Paige. Her sweet mouth and her tight, young cookie are man-magnets. She’s a little shy, a little teasing. Tony gets naked fast and sits on the couch next to a fully-dressed Beverly. Slowly pulling down her tank-top, he caresses and feasts on her ripe boobs, squeezing and rubbing them. She holds his cock while he sucks her nipples. “I want a tit-sandwich,” he requests. “Is that what you call it? Oh, a motorboat,” replies Beverly. She’s happy to accommodate him as he buries his face in her deep cleavage.

Beverly stands to show him all of her beautiful body. Now she’s completely naked. She leans forward and begins to mouth-worship his boner, her tits resting on his thigh like a boob shelf. Bev sucks cock like a well-trained 40-year-old nymphomaniac MILF. Advanced beyond her years. She becomes his fuck doll–soft, adorable, compliant, sweet. He has banged many women but this one is extra-special. A creamy pussy injection will be Bev’s gooey and dripping reward for being such a hot and sexy fuck. Beverly Paige can make any man blast a major load.

“I have been with guys who pay no attention to my boobs!” Beverly says in a shocking statement that filled SCORE staffers with disgust.

“I love getting my nipples played with and licked. I love it! I feel like, ‘Hello! I have these! Play with these!’ Guys just ignored them! They do like it when I give them head. I have been told I am good. You can’t just put a cock in your mouth. That’s like a guy putting his fingers in you and that’s it. You need suction without teeth. You need to use your hands and lick the right places.

“You have to look at your partner and see what he likes and what is turning him on. Everyone is different. I just don’t want balls in my mouth. I am all about the cock. I will ask the guy where he wants to cum–on my tits, on my back or my face. If he wants to cum in my mouth, if it tastes good, okay, I am cool with that. Guys love pussy. Usually the titty-fucking thing is just at the beginning because they want to try it.”

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Goldie Ray – Ass cream dream

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scoreland2 scene from October 24th, 2014

Ass cream dream

Goldie Ray, sweet, blonde and pretty, came to SCORELAND in 2012 and took a big cock up her tight ass the very first day. Then the next day, she took another big cock up her ass and finished things off with an anal creampie.

At that point, a casual observer might have thought, “This girl is young and sexy and loves getting ass-fucked on-camera. She’s going to go on to do a lot of porn films.” That would’ve been a reasonable thought. And it would have been wrong.

Because after getting ass-fucked twice on-camera and pussy-fucked twice more (for our other magazines and websites), Goldie Ray stopped doing porn. She stopped getting paid to take dicks in her ass and mouth on-camera.

But that doesn’t mean she stopped fucking. No, not at all. I am pleased to report that if you’re ever in Nevada, you can buy Goldie Ray’s mouth and pussy and fuck it at the world-famous Bunny Ranch. And it’s totally legal, too! (Public service announcement from SCORELAND2: A lot of people think prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. It’s not. Picking up a hooker in Vegas could get you arrested.)

Goldie Ray is from Hollywood, California. She reminded a lot of members of Marilyn Monroe, who never got ass-fucked on-camera but very likely took it up the ass from JFK, Arthur Miller and/or Marlon Brando but never had the good decency to put her fuck holes up for sale.

That’s why I like girls like Goldie Ray. They don’t play that “My asshole is too good for you” crap.

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SinFul Celeste – Sinful Sex Bomb

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score2go scene from October 24th, 2014

Sinful Sex Bomb

When you’re in the bedroom with a girl like SinFul Celeste, there’s no time to mince words. You get right to work on this babe. Which is exactly what Tony DeSergio does as we open this scene. Tony’s face is buried between her tits and he has two big handfuls of ass. He’s going to have fun with this plumper. Tony pulls SinFul’s 38DDD tits out of her green negligee and begins to tease her nipples, both of which are pierced. A broad smiles etches her face and shivers run up and down her curvy body as Tony sucks on her tits while fingering her pussy.

SinFul Celeste is kind of obsessed with cock. The sight of it turns her on and having one in her mouth makes her pussy drip.

“Giving blowjobs really gets me wet,” she told us. “I don’t know about other girls, but I just love cocks. And nothing in the world is better than a man that can get it up, keep it up and fuck me all night.”

SinFul’s pussy has to be dripping right now because she gives Tony one hell of a blowjob before he stuffs his cock inside of her. First, he’s banging her missionary and SinFul is already being pushed to an orgasm.

“Oh, yeah,” she moans. “That cock is so good.”

Tony lays down and slides his cock in from the side before SinFul decides to take control by hopping on top. Tony wants some of her plump ass, too so he bangs her doggystyle before he finally has to pop. That’s when he serves SinFul a sticky facial, some of which drips down to her tits. Yep, she’s our favorite SinFul girl.

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Brook Ultra – “I Wasn’t Into Anal Until I Got Into Porn”

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score2go scene from October 24th, 2014

“I like to dance,” says Brook Ultra, a slim and stacked, pretty and hot, extremely jackable brunette. “I like to go to the beach. I like to hang out and do normal stuff. I’m boring. I play Scrabble.”

First, Brook is lying. She’s not boring. She could never be boring. That would be impossible!

Brook connects with Rocky in this new SCORELAND scene and what she does will get any guy climbing the walls. Her mouth, cleavage-pussy, cunt and butthole are fucked good and hard the way she likes it and all the while, Brook makes these soft murmurs and moaning sounds. Very kittenish. Yep, Brook is one sexy, jackable girl.

“I wasn’t into anal until I got into porn,” says Brook. “I enjoy anal sex. I never did until I got into porn. I also like when guys cum all over my face. I think that’s so hot, and the thought of that, being fucked really hard and having cum all over my face, makes me so wet.

“I also like sucking dick. Like, usually, I’ll tease a guy and go around the head and then go down really slow, then I’ll go between his balls and lick it really fast as I stroke his dick, then I go back up to the head, and I usually can deep-throat him all the way down. Guys are surprised by that because I’m so little. And then when he cums, he can cum in my mouth. I think all girls should swallow. I have never spit after a blow job. Never!”

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Ryan Smiles – From Newbie to Booty

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naughtymag scene from October 24th, 2014

From Newbie to Booty

Do you guys remember Ryan Smiles? We featured her in August of 2013. Back then she was just an amateur from Gainesville, Florida, hoping to make a few extra bucks by sending in some pics to our site. We saw something special in her (it was her gigantic ass), so we sent her over to, our sister site. Before long, she was all over the site and in the magazines. She’s now a glamour model with an impressive career, but we’ll always remember her as the sweet, amateur girl with a love of fucking.

Anyway, we were reminiscing the other day and realized that you guys probably hadn’t seen any hardcore of this gorgeous girl. That couldn’t stand, so we grabbed this set of her taking a humongous cock in her tight slit just for you. She also gets her asshole fingered and her pussy pumped full of cum. Enjoy!

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Carmen Ross – Two For Cum

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bootyliciousmag scene from October 24th, 2014

Two For Cum

We’re in heaven right now. Two sexy, flirty Latinas in the comfort of our own home…we’ve got it good! The ladies can’t keep their hands off of each other when this scene opens. Mary Jean is giggling, smacking and squeezing Carmen’s plump trunk.

“What a nice booty,” she says, tapping Carmen’s ass. “Shake your booty, shake your booty.”

Carmen is feeling playful, too, and begins smacking Mary Jean’s ass in return. Like they say, girls just want to have fun. And when the girls have plump buns like this, there’s a lot for them to play with.

And there’s a lot for our friend Tony DeSergio to have fun with. He’s one lucky dude. Most guys pray they can get their hands on one thick Latina. This dude is about to smash two.

“Oh, look at him,” Mary Jean says when she spots Tony sitting in the corner. “He’s a cutie. I want him! Can we both have him?”

We know Tony doesn’t have a problem with them sharing his schlong. Mary Jean and Carmen pull Tony’s cock out and get to work on it.

“Taste it,” Mary Jean says as she pulls Tony’s cock out of her mouth and stuffs it into Carmen’s.

This is a great warm up, but the moment Tony’s been waiting for is getting in these chicks’ pussies. Tony smashes Mary Jean doggy style first. Carmen is smacking Mary Jean’s ass while Tony is beating her pussy up. When it’s Carmen’s turn to get some dick, Mary Jean lays down so Carmen can eat her pussy while Tony fucks her.

“Oh, yeah, eat her pussy,” Tony says.

Mary Jean then slides underneath Carmen while Tony is inside of her so they can 69 while he smashes Carmen doggystyle.

“Don’t stop,” Mary Jean moans as Carmen devours her cunt. “I’m going to cum!”

Tony switches back and forth between the two chicks, and we’re not sure how he holds off dropping his jizz for so long. When he finally does bust his nut, he shoots it all over Mary Jean’s caramel ass and Carmen’s pretty face.

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Heather Barron – Redheaded Super-Slut Heather Gets DP’d

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40somethingmag scene from October 24th, 2014

Redheaded Super-Slut Heather Gets DP'd

The first time she was at, mother-of-four Heather Barron broke her on-camera cherry by sucking and fucking two studs. A three-way in her first scene…damn impressive for starters.

The second time she was here, this slutty redhead fucked a big, black cock and let it creampie her tight ginger cunt.

The third time she was here, Heather took JMac’s monster cock deep in her asshole. None of that beginner small cock stuff for Heather’s butthole. She went for the big one.

And now, in her fourth appearance, Heather is enjoying the fun as two dudes take turns on her asshole and treat her to a DP. Yep, it’s one in her pussy and one in her asshole at the same time for the horniest lady we’ve ever met.

Here, Heather is really dressed to fuck in sheer lingerie. Her nipples poke through the slits. She’s wearing crotchless panties for easier access to her fuck holes. The guys take turns fucking her mouth, pussy and asshole. They sandwich her and cum on her face and tits.

We asked Heather to name her top three sexual encounters, and she said, “My first threesome at 40Something is definitely in there. Another was recently with a guy from Canada. Another was with this younger black man with a big cock. But I think this has to move to the top of the list.”

Hey, it’s not every day that a woman gets DP’d. But Heather is unlike any other woman.

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Jasmine Shiraz – Hot-body girl

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scoreland2 scene from October 23rd, 2014

Hot-body girl

Jasmine Shiraz’s story is one that Dave and I love: An attractive amateur with big boobs models for the experience and doesn’t necessarily want to become a full-time, professional model.

Jasmine’s boyfriend is a SCORE fan. Now, most boyfriends of attractive, big-boobed girls want to keep them to themselves. I get that. However, this friend of SCORE went into SCORELAND and showed Jasmine the girls and how they model. Born in Iran, the New Jersey girl with 34F boobs went through the site and thought, “I can do that. I want to do that. I want to be one of those girls.” Jasmine checked out, emailed some naked snaps with her boyfriend’s encouragement and was accepted.

Jasmine is a smart, well-educated girl with a good job, so what was her interest in posing naked, with the exception of her boyfriend’s high-level interest?

“I’ve always liked to show off my boobs,” Jasmine replied. “When you’ve got it, why not show it off? I’ve had friends who asked me why I dress the way I do. I tell them, ‘Because they look good. Why should I hide them?’”

So what did Jasmine think about her first time?

“It’s different. It’s been good. It’s been interesting. I’m having fun, and I like trying new things. I guess I feel confident enough now where I felt I could give it a shot. I think that comes with being a little older. When I was 18 or 19, there was no way I could do it, even though I thought about it. I’ve always liked to show off my boobs.”

Jasmine had never masturbated on-camera before but she was totally confident and eager. And she knew what guys were going to do when they saw her photos and videos of her big tits, curvy ass and nicely trimmed pussy.

“They’re going to jerk off. They should! I mean, that’s what they’re there for.”

It’s one thing for an experienced model to say that but for an amateur to say it adds something extra.

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